Energizer EN180 Cup Inverter Charger

People nowadays bring multiple gadgets to work. From smartphones, laptops to tablets, these gadgets have become the daily companions of most people. And with just about any other gadgets, they also can drain out of power after a day’s busy work. Do you easily forget to recharge them at home after a tiring day? Why not charge them from your car? You can use the Energizer EN180 Cup Inverter Charger to do that for you.

The Energizer EN180 Cup Inverter is a 180-watt inverter model that can power up your mobile devices by attaching it to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. It is also considered as the smallest cup inverter that you can currently find in the market. This portable cup inverter comes with a standard North American outlet along with four USB ports.

With the Energizer EN180 Cup Inverter, you may be able to recharge up to five of your gadgets while you drive home or just about anywhere. This device allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, helping you make the most of your time while driving. This will ensure that your gadgets need not suffer from low battery power since you will always have time to recharge them while making frequent trips in your car. The Energizer EB180 weighs only about a pound, making it handy enough to place or store the device inside the car. This handy cup inverter is available at Amazon for US$36.

Image Source: Amazon

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