Energenie Standby Shutdown

Energy conservation need not be that complicated. One can start well right at home. With many appliances and other electronic devices, it’s not hard to start by saving up energy on those.

One way to save up energy at home is by removing the plugs of electronic appliances from the power outlets when not in use. Such appliances can still consume energy even while on standby if they are not unplugged when not used. And for those who easily forget to do it as a habit, there are devices such as the Energenie Standby Shutdown. It is a device that works well for the TV and the cable box, common devices that usually remained plugged in outlets even while on standby.

The Energenie Standby Shutdown automatically turns off the power from the appliances plugged into it whenever it senses that they are on standby mode. It draws no power when it is off, saving up considerable energy in the process. Appliances can be turned on by pushing the green button found on the device. This handy and useful device is available at Nigel’s Eco Store for 13.99 UK pounds.

Image Source: Nigel’s Eco Store

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