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Endless ComputerComputers have become quite common that many people usually have them at home. People use them to go online, store data or accomplish certain functions in digitized form. But while many people in developed countries have become quite accustomed to having a computer, there are also many parts of the world that do not have the luxury to own or even use one. The main reason usually is availability and cost. Certain impoverished homes in developing countries, which may greatly benefit from using a computer unfortunately do not have the means to own one. A computer as an educational tool can be a means to empower poor communities to making their lives better. But despite this, computers are not something that many poor communities really have as a priority. But maybe, if a computer is more affordable and available, then it may just be something that can help poor communities improve through better education. That is the main aim by developing the Endless Computer.

The Endless Computer is designed for use by people who may need it in developing countries. Even though a computer is quite a common device, about 5 billion people all over the world do not have access to one. But suppose you make it more available and useable for people who do not really have that much to spare? This is where the Endless Computer may try to change things. This unique computer will allow users to convert their existing television sets into a computer. It is a CPU that comes with a 2.17 GHz Dual Core Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM and a choice between a 32GB or 500GB storage. It comes with an HDMI and VGA slots to connect to televisions that will act as the computer monitor. It also comes with an easy-to-use OS and interface and tons of applications that will make it quite useful as a repository of knowledge, with or without an internet connection. The Endless Computer is a cheaper alternative that people from developing countries will welcome.

And as part of its desire to appeal to this part of the market, the Endless Computer is expected to be cheaper and more affordable. The makers are currently conducting a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. A $169 pledge will get a 32GB version of the Endless Computer. A $189 pledge will get you an Endless 32GB computer with WiFi and speaker. The $229 version comes with a 500GB storage along with WiFi and speaker. The first batch is expected to ship around June of this year. You can check them out further through their Kickstarter page.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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