Empatica Smartwatch

The wrist watch is no longer just limited to telling the time. The latest models are even smarter. Smartwatches are now used not only as a communication device. They now commonly function as a fitness device as well. There are even newer models that can help you monitor your health better, like the new Empatica Smartwatch.

The new Empatica Smartwatch is an innovative device that not only tells accurate time. It also helps monitor the wearer’s respiratory condition. This smartwatch can send out alerts if the wearer shows some signs of respiratory infection. The new smartwatch works with the technology used on Embrace2, a smartwatch designed for those who live with epilepsy. This technology relies on machine learning when monitoring physiological signs of the wearer. The sensors then pick up from the patterns and keep track of the the unusual ones.

The Empatica Smartwatch can evaluate health signatures with the use of technology. It can even predict potential pathogen exposures and infections early, even before any visible signs or symptoms of certain health conditions occur. The smartwatch is then able to alert the user or other people when the watch detects anything. The early detection may be able to help people do the necessary treatment to prevent the condition from getting worse. The early action can also help prevent the further spread of bacteria and viruses. The new Empatica Smartwatch is just the first stage of developing such wearable devices that will help people get access to better health monitoring. The company is exploring other ways to make full use of the technology to create other smartwatches with better health monitoring features.

Image Source: Empatica

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