Emglare Smart Clothes

Wearable tech has gone through a lot of advances that is not only limited to gadgets and devices. It has now started to include even the clothes people wear. There are companies that develop smart clothes like the Emglare Smart Clothes collection.

The Emglare line of smart clothes features sensors that monitor your heart health. Each wearable clothing features a heart monitor and ECG sensors embedded into it. It also comes with a built-in battery that supports wireless charging as well as a Bluetooth antenna. All these features does not interfere with the level of comfort of wearing the smart clothes.

Once the smart clothes are worn, they can be paired with a smartphone with the Emglare Heart mobile app. It will then be ready to keep track of your heart rate and ECG readings. The data can then be stored and even shared with your personal doctor when necessary. It will give them vital data as to the condition of your heart.  The line-up of Emglare smart clothes are currently designed for casual and sportswear. The Emglare T-shirt is available for pre-order for $199. It is expected to be available sometime in November of this year.

Image Source: Emglare

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