eMachines Mini-e Home Entertainment Center

Small form factor PC’s have become quite popular. A common factor why people prefer them is that they relatively occupy only small space to set up due to their compact design. But if you also have uniqueness in mind apart from being a SFF PC, you might consider checking out the new Mini-e Home Entertainment Center from eMachines.

The eMachines Mini-e both feature small form factor and a unique design for its main selling points. Its monitor, for one, is uniquely shaped like a diamond for a unique feature. It radical design comes in a set up that is just 7.1 inches in diameter and weight 9 pounds.

Despite its size, the Mini-e features full HD multimedia entertainment and daily computing capabilities. It is powered by a AMD Athlon II Neo Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 graphics and 2GB of memory as well as a built-in 802.11 wireless and a 160GB HD. It is available at eMachines and costs US$300.

Image Source: eMachines

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