Elmo Live from Fisher-Price

Elmo live

From that lovable puppet from Sesame Street to that cute Tickle-Me-Elmo doll, Elmo now comes out as an animatronic puppet from Fisher-Price. Christened as the Elmo Live, this fantastic robot will be the best gift ever for Christmas.

The great thing about Elmo Live is that it can do what puppets are designed to do-it entertains. Elmo Live can do tricks, tell stories or jokes, or even dance and sing. Touch sensors are present in its nose, back, left foot and tummy. Having a tilt sensor as well, it can also tell you to help it stand up when it falls. Mind you, it can even cross its legs. And if left unattended, it will sleep automatically and save battery power.

The new Elmo Live is recommended for kids 18 months and older. It is available in pre-order in Wal-mart for $59.88 and comes with six AA batteries.

Image source: www.fisher-price.com

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