Elipson Planet L Speakers

Some people not only look into a speaker’s performance but also into its design and style. Since speakers are usually displayed prominently in homes, so why not choose speakers that looks good as well? When usual speaker designs would not do, the new Elipson Planet L Spherical Speakers might be an option.

The Elipson Planet L Speakers are unique in the way that they are designed. Instead of the usual rectangle or square design, the Planet L speakers are spheres. But they also include inside a 25mm soft dome tweeter and a 165mm paper cone mid-range speaker/woofer that offer a maximum music power of up to 60 watts. This pair of coaxial 2-way speakers also do not come cheap. A pair of this Elipson Planet L Speakers come in at around US$965. You can check it out at the Elipson if you’re interested.

Image Source: Elipson

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