Element Portable Grill By Fuego

Going to outdoor barbecues in the summer is always exciting, memorable and fun. Of course the integral part of the experience is the food and the barbecue grill where the cooking starts off the fun. But most barbecue grills may not always be that fun to set up. But not with the new Element Portable Gas Grill by Fuego.

The Element Portable Gas Grill is one type of barbecue grill that you can sling into your back, literally. It is quite convenient to carry since it can be folded and closed in a way that makes it easy to bring along anywhere. It is probably the closest that one can get to a handy barbecue grill.

Its unique design with its foldable aluminum legs allows it to be easily set up and ready to barbecue or be folded to become handles. It features an 8000 BTU gas burner with push button ignition. It offers 160 square inches of cooking space and comes with a dishwasher-safe runoff tray. A shoulder strap that can be fixed into the grill makes it easier to carry. The Element Portable by Fuego is expected to come out in March 28. It is expected to cost around US$150.

Image Source: Element By Fuego

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