Element Case Vapor Casing For iPhone 4

The recent launch of new iPhone 4 has been received quite as popular or even more as its predecessor. And yet, the popular new Apple gadget didn’t come without certain issues. One of them is the supposed signal loss whenever the iPhone 4 is handled a certain way through its antenna that goes around the unit. Apple’s suggestion to prevent the signal loss is by attaching a casing around the iPhone 4 to prevent hands from coming into contact with the antenna band of the phone.

There are now such casings available to make the signal loss problem a non-issue for most iPhone 4 users. One of them is the new Vapor iPhone 4 casing from Element Case. It tries to add a bit more unique style to an otherwise ordinary iPhone accessory. The casing itself is unique as it is made from a strong and light material of aircraft grade aluminum. Inside, the case is lined up with shock absorbing material to provide added protection for your iPhone 4. The sleek design gives your iPhone 4 a more unique appearance aside from providing added protection. The Element Case Vapor iPhone 4 casing is available for pre-order at Element Case for US$79.95. It is set to ship by the 2nd week of July.

Image Source: Element Case

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