Electronic Arts Make Games for Android Mobile Phone

Ready for an exciting new game? All exciting and entertaining… All cosmic and cool… Whatever gaming platform or gizmo you are using, it’s gonna be loads of fun with Electronic Arts’ (EA) Android. Having a gaming plan that takes down the reins Nokia’s N-Gage platform, EA has launched its Android version of Tetris. Soon, this will be followed by Bejeweled and Monopoly in November.

Android is the latest gaming platform released from EA Mobile. Though the aforementioned games are the ones to have an early release, other games are being developed. Unfortunately, EA was not able to provide any specifics about the games. Yet the sweetest part in all of these are the platform enhancements that they are planning to put in the games that they are about to create.

As mentioned before, we can tell that it is exciting, entertaining and cosmic. And overall, it’s cool.

Image source: http://www.eamobile.com

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