Electra Coaster 7 Bike

electra coaster 7 bike

The Electra Coaster 7 bike is a new sleek and stylish bike that performs just as well as it looks. One of the advantages of the new Electra Coaster 7 is that it has become lighter. This bike makes use of a light but sturdy aluminum frame to take care of the usual weight issues usually faced by bikes in its class. But the Electra Coaster 7 also has more than just that.

State of the art materials and components are used to make the Electra Coaster 7 improve on its performance. The bike makes use of Electra’s Flat Foot technology that allows riders to stay stable with both feet on the ground while going through the proper pedal positioning.

This bike makes use of linear V type brakes for more efficient braking on roads and bike paths. Better performance is provided by the use of the Shimano SR-40 7-speed derailleur. The rider assumes a more comfortable cruising posture with the frame design used on the Electra Coaster 7 bike. This bike is available at Weber Sports for $355.00.

Image Source: Electra

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