Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard

With smartphones becoming a main mobile accessory among the active mobile crowd, using it to a more productive level is becoming more and more essential. One key disadvantage that may prevent most smartphones from being more productive may lie on its available keypad or keyboard. Most smartphones usually offer a smaller than usual space for people to comfortably type in emails or messages while on the fly. Most people, therefore would appreciate what the Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard offers.

The Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard is a portable wireless keyboard that highly productive smartphone users would find quite useful. What it offers is a way to have a folding and handy keyboard to bring along almost anywhere. But where this wireless keyboard stands out from the rest of such similar devices can be seen on how it connects to the smartphone. In lieu of the usual and standard Bluetooth connection, the Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard uses NFC to connect to a device.

One advantage of the Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard is that it consumes less power when connecting to a device by using NFC. It automatically connects to a compatible device whenever it is near, no need of any further setup. One disadvantage is that it needs to be quite near the device to maintain the connection. Another is that it also requires an Elecom app to be downloaded on only a selected number of Android smartphones. The Elecom TK-FNS040BK Wireless Keyboard may provide a unique concept for a wireless keyboard. But it may not be a device that would easily be embraced by many people, except maybe those in the Japanese market where it will be available. This portable and foldable wireless keyboard is expected to cost around 18,690 Japanese Yen when it comes out in the market. That is around 240 in US dollars.

Image Source: Elecom

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