Elecom Power Strip USB Hub

USB gadgets and peripherals have become popular in terms of standard connections for devices. It seems that more and more connections are constantly needed to fill in the gap. That is why USB hubs have become a common feature in any gadget lover’s arsenal of devices.

There are also many USB hub designs to people can choose from. Probably one of the more unique ones would be this Elecom Power Strip USB Hub. Although not unique in terms of function and use, it does provide a unique twist in its design that looks quite similar to a regular AC power strip. There are 4 USB ports aligned where USB gadgets and peripherals can be connected towards a central source such as a desktop PC or laptop. One unique feature is that each USB port also has its own ON/OFF switch which can be put into convenient use. The Elecom Power Strip USB Hub is available at GeekStuff4U for 3,700 Japanese Yen. That would be around US$43.

Image Source: Elecom

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