Elecom MR-C25 USB Card Reader

USB card readers can sometimes be a hassle to use since it can take up quite a space despite being such a small device. It must be the way they were designed that other card readers followed suit. But this time a simple alteration in design can make quite an impact for those who have actually been using card readers often.

Elecom has recently come out with a unique device in the form of the new MR-C25 USB Card Reader. What is unique about it is that it is designed to stick closer to your computer rather than stick out. The USB plug is placed at the side of the device rather than at the top of the longest end, occupying as little space as possible in the process. Not only that, the device can also rotate up to 180 degrees for added versatility. The Elecom MR-C25 USB Card Reader supports SD and MicroSD cards as well as SDXC and MMC memory cards. This unique card reader is currently available in the Japanese market and may cost around 1,995 Japanese Yen or around US$25.

Image Source: Elecom

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