Elecom Introduces New External Batteries for iPhone 4, Galaxy Smartphones

Elecom has introduced new external batteries in the Japanese market for use with the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. This just goes to show that there can never be enough power to go around while having smartphones. Having a handy piece of external battery to charge such devices on the go allows available emergency power when needed at all times.

The new Elecom DE-A01L and the DE-U01L Series of external batteries are lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S. They are high capacity external rechargeable batteries that will come in 3000mAh and 4700mAh versions. Both will come with an easy charge function and can also accommodate other portable USB enabled devices. The new Elecom external batteries is expected to be available by the end of this month in Japan. Prices are set at 7,000 Japanese Yen or around US$87 for the 3,000mAh version and 8,000 Japanese Yen or around US$100 for the 4,700mAh version.

Image Source: Elecom

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