Elecom FAN U18 USB Fan

It may not always be true that people would want the latest devices to come with designs that what may be considered as modern or updated. There is always room for retro designs in the hearts of many gadget lovers. One such device that stands out with a retro look is this new USB fan from Elecom.

The Elecom FAN U18 USB fan comes with a retro look that would look good beside even your PC or laptop. This handy USB fan can help keep you cool during the summer while using your computer. Its retro look and design make it an attractive device as well. After all, having this cool portable USB fan can always give you that dose of the memorable past every time you see it. The new Elecom FAN U18 is available at Elecom for 1470 Japanese Yen or around US$18.

Image Source: Elecom

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