Elecom 6nove Wireless Mouse

Wireless devices have somehow become the norm today. Wireless accessories have become so commonplace that people have many choices available. And in the case of a wireless mouse, the new Elecom 6nove may provide a distinct advantage of others in its class by having the ability of pairing with nine devices at the same time.

The mouse has become a common input device among gadgets that most people use such as computers, laptops and the like. Having a single wireless mouse that works on all of them provides a convenience that many gadget lovers may welcome with open arms. That is what the Elecom 6nove aims to do. This wireless Bluetooth mouse comes with a LED number display that indicates the device that it is connected to. Users only need to select the device number to use it on a particular device that it is currently paired with.

Other features of the Elecom 6nove Wireless Mouse includes a tilting scroll wheel that enables users to navigate through large documents both horizontally and vertically. Its IR LED sensor also comes with adjustable DPI settings to determine the type of mouse sensitivity a user is accustomed with. The new Elecom 6nove Wireless Mouse is available for 8,431 Japanese Yen or around US$100.

Image Source: Elecom

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