Elecom 48 in 1 Card Reader

With various flash memory card formats now available, it can be a hassle not having a means to “read” them all. Fortunately there are now various card readers available that helps users to make use of different memory card formats. And for those with serious memory card needs, there are card readers like the Elecom 48 in 1 Card Reader worth checking out.

The Elecom 48 in 1 Card Reader features a 48x card reader to accommodate different types of memory cards. It contains most of the more common ones being used today and even supports the newer SDXC cards that sport higher storage capacities of up to 64GB. Unfortunately, the Elecom 48x Card Reader may currently be available only in the Japanese market. There no word yet on how much it costs or if it will be made available internationally.

Image Source: Elecom

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