El Casco Pencil Sharpener

El Caso

Spanish company El Casco was originally a manufacturer of revolvers. During the Great Depression, they had to diversify and create additional products. Today, El Casco manufactures high-quality desk accessories.

El Casco recently introduced the latest product from their range of desk accessories, the El Casco Pencil Sharpener. By all appearances, this is a traditional, hand-operated pencil sharpener. However, El Casco designers have given it an external overhaul.


This desk accessory is made of polished chrome and has a matte black finish. It features a suction base to keep it steady when in use, the usual drawer to catch and for emptying the shavings, and an adjustable grip to hold any pencil diameter. Also it has a window on top so you can see the internal parts of the sharpener.

Available at fahrney’s for $389.00.

Image source: El Casco

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