EIN Cyber Heart Beat LED Watch

The EIN Cyber Heart Beat LED watch is one of the coolest watches out there. For fans of the digital watch, no matter what brand it may be, this is something that we believe you will surely love. To tell you the truth, we really did fall in love with this one the first time we saw it.

The cool thing about the Cyber Heat Beat LED watch is that it tells the time through the use of a digital LED electrocardiogram machine. If you don’t get our drift, remember those PQRST waves when you got hospitalized because of too much fascination brought by cool gadgets like these? That’s what we mean.

It looks like a small heart monitor, but this heart beat wave display does not tell whether your heart is functioning or if it has stopped. In addition to all these, you do not have to press a button to activate its illuminating feature.

In order to allow this LED watch to remain operational, all you have to do is plug it to your computer via a USB port, and it will recharge itself fully for about one hour or two. One charge is enough to allow it to remain illuminated for about 24 hours. But if you have its illumination turned off, you may get to have it running for about several months or so.

The EIN Cyber Heart Beat LED Watch is available on online stores like www.seahope.com. This cool time-telling gizmo costs at about approximately $290.

Image source: www.gadgets.softpedia.com 

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