Eight Big Tech Companies Express Support for AT&T and T-Mobile Merger

A merger of two large mobile companies may sound a bit threatening to the industry. But in the case of AT&T‘s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, the atmosphere seems a bit more friendly.

In a one-page, one-paragraph letter sent to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo have expressed their support to the acquisition. The three companies believe they would benefit from the deal as software and web content distributors. Also included in the letter are Qualcomm, RIM, Avaya, Brocade, and Oracle, who also gave their thumbs up as they see the takeover as an opportunity to sell more of their mobile and networking hardware.

The eight companies are one in saying that the merger would be a “requisite move for broadening mobile broadband availability in the US and for keeping the country competitive with the rest of the world.”

Source: New York Times, via Engadget

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