Eigenharp Pico

Eigenharp Pico

The Eigenharp Pico is a smaller version of the Eigenharp Alpha and is designed for the casual musical hobbyist. It is designed to be more portable than its bigger predecessor and is simple enough to use. But the Eigenharp Pico also has a wide range of features.

Just like the Eigenharp Alpha, the Pico is also designed with modern technology to back it up. Aside from being played solo, it can also do a wide variety of functions such as producing and recording loops, change scale and key, program beats and create arrangements.

The only difference between the Alpha and the Pico is that the latter can be held in one hand. And its price of 349 UK pounds may be more affordable for those who wish to have such a musical instrument to play around with. It is available at Eigenlabs.

Image Source: Eigenlabs

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