Eigenharp Alpha

Eigenharp Alpha

The Eigenharp Alpha is a pretty unique musical instrument unlike any you might have previously seen. It is actually an instrument designed for professionals that has many added features to it. This unique instrument has quite a lot of technology behind it, making it quite capable of doing a variety of things that other musical instruments can’t.

The Eigenharp Alpha allows users to play as well as improvise using a variety of sounds and musical ranges. The keys in the instrument are designed to provide the most expressive features for musicians as they play and create music.

Not only that, it can also record loops, alter tempo program beats as well as create arrangements as just some of its attractive features. The Eigenharp Alpha is designed with the serious musician in mind. Its cost of 3,950 UK pounds is really something that music professionals would only be investing in. It is available at Eigenlabs.

Image Source: Eigenlabs

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