Ego Kit E-powered Downhill Bike Motor Kit

Bikes are meant to be foot-powered. But that does not mean that you can’t use it more conveniently by adding a motor kit for added power. This can aid bikers in going uphill for example, or just help extend the biking experience for a longer period of time. This is what would make the Ego Kit E-powered Downhill Bike Kit quite a useful addition to downhill bikes.

Going uphill on a bike can become more convenient with a bike fitted with the Ego Kit E-powered Downhill Bike Kit. It is a special electric motor kit that can easily be fitted into 70 percent of commercially available downhill bikes. Going downhill can generate some power that can be stored on the kit’s internal battery. While going uphill, this Ego Kit Motor Kit can provide some much needed power to climb up those hills without expending that much energy. This motor kit capable of having 2400W maximum power can be a useful addition to avid downhill bikers. The Ego Kit E-powered Downhill Motor Kit is available at the Ego site for you to check out. But there’s no word yet on its pricing.

Image Source: Ego

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