Ego IceBar2 Waterproof Nano Speakers

Ego IceBar2

iPod Nano’s have become quite popular gadgets that almost everyone has nowadays. Such a portable gadget makes it quite convenient for users to bring around anywhere, almost. Though they are quite handy and portable media players, iPod Nano’s still are not well protected from getting wet. They lack suitable waterproofing.

The Ego IceBar2 is a waterproof iPod Nano speaker system can be a good addition for the popular portable media player. This waterproof casing houses a speaker system as well as enough space compatible putting 1st to 3rd generation iPod Nano’s inside. The speakers itself are waterproof and made up of full range 45mm Neodymium Drivers. Speakers are powered by four AAA batteries also housed within the IceBar2.

The body is made up of Polycarbonate plastic with a silicon elastomer o-ring seal that will keep the insides dry. Its membrane click wheel is made up of Santoprene to allow better control of your iPod Nano from the outside. The Ego IceBar2 is waterproof as well as shatter and spill proof. It allows you to use your iPod Nano even in a wet environment such as the shower, the beach or in the pool. In fact, the IceBar2 is also equipped with a removable float that allows the unit to easily float in a body of water for easy location. Available at the Atlantic Store for US$80.

Image Source: Ego

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