Ego Bentley Laptop

Ego Bentley Laptop

The Bentley Laptop by Ego is one luxurious notebook. This elegant limited edition laptop is for those who have money to spare and with more set aside for other goodies. If style and luxurious beauty is one of your main priorities in buying a laptop, then this striking Ego Bentley Laptop fits the bill quite well.

The Ego Bentley limited edition laptop is a product of Ego partnering with famed luxury car manufacturer Bentley to produce an exquisite and elegant laptop that looks good inside and out.

You can say that this limited edition laptop exudes luxury with a changeable high quality leather skin exterior, in a same luxurious style that Bentley is known for. The integrated chrome carrying handle of this laptop makes this gadget look like a fashionable handbag and nothing like the notebook hidden underneath.

Performance wise, the Bentley laptop from Ego doesn’t disappoint as it can also go head to head with most of the current laptops out there. It runs using the Mobile AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology processor and with a 2GB DDR RAM.

It is fitted with a 160 GB SATA hard disk drive and has a 12.1" wide screen anti-reflected WXGA display with 1260 x 800 pixel resolution. It is also equipped with integrated WiFi as well as Bluetooth technology connectivity. But with this laptop going for just a tad less than 20K in US dollars, this laptop may not be for everyone.

Image Source: Ego

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