Egg Minder: Checks the eggs so you won’t have to

Egg Minder

Egg Minder

We buy a trayful of eggs from the grocery and most of the time, we do not check how long it would stay fresh in the fridge. Science has taught us to check the egg’s freshness by checking if it floats on water, but who has time for that?

Luckily, one company has created a device that monitors the egg’s freshness so you don’t have to. The Egg Minder is a smart egg tray that wirelessly connects to our mobile device (both iOS and Android) to keep tabs on the number of eggs you still have in the tray and notifies when they are going bad.

The Egg Minder features in-tray LED lights, which turns on to indicate the oldest egg (meaning we need to cook it before it goes bad). It also syncs to our smartphones, displaying how many eggs are in the smart tray. The device can store up to 14 eggs.

Meanwhile, its mobile app features push notifications to alert us when they are running low and needed to replenish the egg supply. This device is perfect for people who keep asking if there are still eggs in the fridge.

This useful invention is now available on Quirky for $49.99. Remember to store the eggs big side up to prevent smooshing the air compartment on the wide end.

Source: Quirky

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