Efergy Energy Saving Meter

efergy energy saving meter

Efergy got its name from two words – efficient + energy, representing the company’s thrust and mission to "reduce the amount of energy wasted by modern society".

Efergy’s Energy Saving Meter is wireless electricity designed to monitor your energy consumption encouraging a reduction in energy while saving you money. How? By knowing how much energy you are consuming (translate it dollars) you will know how much money you will be able to save by, say, turning off a lamp. Eventually your energy consumption habits will change.

How Efergy Energy Saving Meter Works

Efergy Energy Saving Meter tells you how much power you are using, how much money your consumption is costing you, and even an estimate of your own contribution to the climate change. What’s cool about this gadget is that when you turn, say a light on or off, you can instantly see the change in you power use on Efergy’s display. And on top of that, Efergy tells you all these, EVERY six seconds.

Having this kind of information can really help you save money and see the benefits of saving energy.

Your energy consumption data is stored in an accessible CPU memory. You can actually see the effects of your changing consumption habits. Compare your daily consumption data to know how your changing power consumption habits can have an effect on your electricity bills and gauge your personal contribution to climate change in terms of carbon emissions.

Efergy Energy Saving Meter Works Components

The Efergy Saving Meter has three parts. First is the square, portable display which measures 85 mm x 85 mm. Next, the sensor clips easily to a specific cable under the electricity meter. The transmitter transmits the information to the monitor wirelessly.


  • Frequency: 433MHz.
  • Battery voltage: DC 3V.
  • Measuring voltage of Sensor: 110V-300V~.
  • Measuring current of Sensor:0-70A~.
  • Transmitter Frequency: 6 seconds.
  • Transmitter range: 40-70 m.
  • Memory space: 64K

Image Source: efergy.com/en 

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