Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 iPod Dock

Edifier Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock

We have seen different iPod docks of shapes and sizes, but this one’s trying to outdo everyone.

The Luna 5 Encore iF500 by Edifier is highlighted by its huge, satellite-shaped 5-driver speaker that can pretty much disturb the peace in your neighborhood.  It comes with a digital FM tuner, as well as compatibility with MP3 players and even MP3-enabled cellphones.

Although it has a sleek design, after the initial shock of seeing the speaker, Pocket Lint finds it frustrating to use, especially the FM radio.

Nevertheless, the Luna 5 Encore iPod Dock has been awarded as an honoree at this year’s International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.  It will become available in North America within the year, costing about US$329.

Image source:  Edifier

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