Edible Pens Make Pencil Chewing Sweet

It may be unsafe to chew pens to relieve stress, not to mention it does not taste good, but some people just could not help gnawing them during examinations or meetings.

Design student Dave Hakkens tries to solve the dilemma with the Edible Pen, making a pen almost completely out of candy that users can easily chew. He originally planned on creating a chewable pen that would not get dirty, but realized most parts of the pen would be discarded once the ink runs out. The Edible Pen not only make a writing tool chewy, but also minimizes wastage.

The pen consists of bite-sized candy segments that have about the same texture and consistency as a candy necklace. It will not melt in your hands, making it not sticky to hold, and even uses edible ink.

These Edible Pens are currently in prototype stage, but it looks cute and tasty enough to become a favorite school item.

Source: Good.is, via OhGizmo!

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