Edge DiskGo Backup Flash Drive

Flash drives have become quite common devices where people store their digital files. But as they become popular, people also require more secure as well as increasing storage space for flash drives. Edge Tech has recently come up with such flash drives on its DiskGo line.

The Edge DiskGo Backup flash drives come with the Dmailer Backup, a data backup software that can create an encrypted profile as well as manage file backups on the flash drive. It also allows users to back up files on a personal online cloud. This way, users may be able to access backup files from any PC connected into the Internet. Other features of the Edge DiskGo Backup Flash Drive is its small size design that allows easy and more convenient insertion and removal even in hard to reach USB ports. It is also designed to be durable with an attached keyring to help prevent accidental loss. It is available in 1GB to 32GB models. The DiskGo Backup Flash Drive is available at Edge Tech with price ranging from US$15 to US$95, depending on the flash drive’s storage capacity you choose.

Image Source: Edge Tech

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