Ectaco jetBook Mini eReader

With ebook readers flooding the market, it may seem that people may have more than enough to choose from. Given the recent popularity of tablet PC’s, it seems that even the current ebook readers may be facing stiff competition for those still undecided consumers. But nonetheless, there are new ebooks still coming out like the Ectaco jetBook Mini to provide some added interest.

The Ectaco jetBook Mini has a number of features working for it. It is quite a light ebook reader at a weight of only 5.8 ounces. It sports a 5″ TFT screen that feature an all way reading rotation to make the ebook reader suitable for both righties and lefties. It is also said to be the only eReader to run on 4 AAA batteries and can go for up to 90 hours reading time and up to 2 years standby time.

The Ectaco jetBook Mini also supports a multi-language interface and provides support for a variety of reading formats courtesy of the Calibre conversion tool for converting into TXT or FB2 formats. It also has an SD Card slot that enables memory expansion for up to 2GB. The Ectaco jetBook Mini may also have an advantage in terms of pricing since it costs only US$100. If interested, this eReader is now available at Ectaco.

Image Source: Ectaco

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