Ecovacs Winbot7 Robot Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows can be a very challenging tasks for some people. It would really help if there is a device that might help out in cleaning them. Since there are now robot vacuums around, why not robot window cleaners for a change? This is what the Ecovacs Winbot7 Robot Window Cleaner aims to do.

The Ecovacs  Winbot Robot Window Cleaner is a special robot that works to clean flat windows and mirrors for you. It comes with a powerful vacuum that helps it cling to the window. A cleaning pad that can be applied with a cleaning solution used to wipe the windows clean. This window clinging robot also comes with sensors that allows it to detect boundaries and stay within the cleaning area. A remote control is also available to give users direct control of the robot. The Ecovacs Winbot7 Robot Window Cleaner is expected to be available around mid-year and may cost from between US$299 and US$399 in the market when it comes out.

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