EcoPebble Powerbank

EcoPebble PowerbankMost people nowadays need a powerbank to ensure that they always have some backup power available to recharge devices. Some people just cannot function well through the day without having their dependable devices handy and ready for use. A powerbank ensures that power is available in the absence of the usual sources. And the new Ecoxgear EcoPebble Powerbank ensures that your reserve power is rugged and dependable.

The new EcoPebble Powerbank from Ecoxgear is a two-in-one device for people who are always on the go. It comes with a single 2″ speaker driver along with a 10,400 mAh battery that can also recharge your portable gadgets. Not only that, the Ecoxgear EcoPebble Powerbank is also designed for outdoor use. It is rated IPX67 waterproof and is fully shock resistant. This makes the EcoPebble Powerbank ideal for outdoor use and even in harsh weather.

With the Ecoxgear EcoPebble Powerbank, users can recharge up to two devices simultaneously while also using the Bluetooth speaker. When fully charged, the speaker itself can provide for up to 50 hours of playtime, making it ideal for long outdoor trips. The Ecoxgear EcoPebble Powerbank also comes with a bright LED flashlight and can also be used as a hands free speakerphone. The Ecoxgear EcoPebble Powerbank is just one of the latest devices coming from Ecoxgear. it is expected to be available sometime in September of this year for around $100.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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