eComfort Home Office

Many companies today do not limit their employees to work at the office. They believe that it can help improve productivity by allowing people to work comfortably anywhere. Some now prefer working while at their favorite coffee shop. It is not a problem as long as employees are productive. For the mobile worker, having a workplace area always ready is important. The eComfort Home Office ensures that you have one that you can bring along with you.

The eComfort Home Office not only serves to hold and carry your tablet, laptop and any other gadget you use at work. It also becomes your personal lap desk if you cannot find any available desk to work on. The eComfort Home Office comes with a textured top lid that conveniently holds your laptop or netbook in place while working. The top is adjustable, making it also ideal for a tablet that you need to view at a different angle. If you reverse the top lid, you can use it as a dry-erase board for sketches or making lists. You can even use it as a smooth surface for signing documents as well.

Interior pockets, pen loops and stylus holders inside the eComfort Home Office help keep small items organized. There is also a large pocket enclosure inside for your tablet or e-reader. After you are done for the day, you just place all your gadgets inside and close the lid as a convenient carryall. The eComfort Home Office is must-have for many of the highly mobile professionals today. It is available at Brookstone for US$50.

Image Source: Brookstone

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