Ecology Online Solar “Nano Hatsudensho” Set

When it comes to emergencies such as earthquakes, typhoons and other disasters, a steady power supply is one of the first issues that many people would likely think about. A disrupted electric supply can cause many problems to many people during disasters. For disaster prone areas, having an emergency power supply handy can be quite a necessity. Those that rely on fossil fuel may not last that long, especially during extended emergencies. Having an emergency power supply that is generated from renewable energy may be a better alternative. Japanese companies Ecology Online and System Talks came up with the portable “Nano Hatsudensho” Set that may be an ideal device for power supply emergencies of different kinds.

The “Nano Hatsudensho” Set from Ecology Online and System Talks is a portable solar panel and rechargeable battery set that can be an ideal emergency power supply where power may be sorely needed. It comes with a high efficiency compact solar panel that can generate up to 40 Watts of output power. The solar panel is made out of single crystal solar cells, giving them the capability of generating power even on cloudy days. The set also comes with a large capacity 75,000 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable batteries that come in an easy to carry design and weighs 2.6 kg. It comes with two 5-volt, two 12-volt and one cigar socket output slots. It also comes with a standard mobile device adapter for use on different mobile devices. It can also operate AC100V appliances if an optional power inverter is connected to the cigar socket.

The “Nano Hatsudensho” (also means “portable electric power plant”) makes use of renewable power to generate the electricity to charge the battery. With the compact solar panel, it is possible to fully charge the large capacity battery in around ten hours. There is also an option to charge up the battery using an AC adapter. When full, the portable electric power supply can fully charge a mobile phone up to 70 times, use to power LED lighting for up to 22 hours and power up a mini-refrigerator for up to 8 hours. The “Nano Hatsudensho” Set is available for around 58,000 Japanese Yen or around US$584.

Image Source: Ecology Online

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