Ecocoon Reversed Hearing Aid

Most devices nowadays are made to handle how one handles information. It can sometimes be pretty overwhelming how this volume of information can be. Add to that the surrounding environmental stimuli and it can sometimes become all too much to process. This may be one reason why others thought up of a device concept like the Ecocoon that would help people escape it all.

The Ecocoon is a design concept that is called as a reverse hearing aid. The concept is from Design Affairs Studio and is aimed to provide a means of escape from the various information processes and stimuli that can get too overwhelming. What the Ecocoon reversed hearing aid basically does is try to reduce or eliminate incoming acoustic stimuli from the surroundings while emphasize body signals instead.

The Ecocoon tries to block incoming background noise or filter high, middle or low frequencies depending on one’s choice. The Ecocoon can also make the user’s own pulse and breathing more audible. This way focus may be made from the inside instead of the outside. It can be a means for users to find a way to stay offline for a while to calm down and relax. It remains as a design concept for now. But it does have an interesting take that might appeal to quite a lot of increasingly stressed out people nowadays.

Image Source: Design Affairs Studio

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