Eco-friendly Dell Studio Hybrid PC

Dell Studio Hybrid

The Dell Studio Hybrid PC is an eco-friendly offering of the company for those who care for the environment. In more ways than one, it tries to contribute to the welfare of the Earth’s environment in its own way.

For one, power usage of the Dell Studio Hybrid is 70 percent less than other standard desktop. With an 87 percent power supply efficiency, that can account to less power used. Less power used can be accounted to less use of fossil fuel to generate electricity. One Dell Studio Hybrid may not mean a lot in terms of preventing pollution caused by fossil fuel burning. But imagine how several of these eco-friendly PC’s can work together to save up on power.

Another eco-friendly feature of the Studio Hybrid concerns its size. With its compact design which is 80 percent smaller that typical desktops, this can mean less manufactured parts used. The Dell Studio Hybrid also makes use of 75 percent less printed documentation by weight as compared to other desktops.

Packaging for the Studio Hybrid also makes use of 95 percent recyclable materials. This means less garbage and trash to pollute the environment, less trees to cut and a more concerned PC user looking after the welfare of our planet. And that’s not yet considering the PC’s capabilites.



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