Eco amp Eco-Friendly iPhone Speaker Amplifier

Sometimes even the most advanced gadgets today can benefit from the most basic of accessories. This is especially a good thing if the objective is to make use of certain objects in an eco-friendly way. One case in point would be this Eco amp iPhone Speaker Amplifier by Eco Made.

The Eco amp iPhone Speaker Amplifier is probably the most basic amplifier iPhone 4 and 4S users can find. This unique speaker booster is made out of 100 percent post consumer paper and can be folded to form a cone and placed over the iPhone’s speaker. It becomes a passive audio booster that can increase the sound output provided by the iPhone. It doesn’t use any power so there is really nothing to waste and even the material used is recycled paper, making it a very ideal eco-friendly alternative. For those eco-friendly iPhone users who do not mind adding bulk to their unit when listening to music for the sake of Mother Earth, the Eco amp iPhone Speaker Amplifier is available at Eco Made for US$8 a pair.

Image Source: Eco Made

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