eBlocker 2 Protects Your Online Privacy

As people increasingly go online and access the web practically every day, the risks of sensitive personal information also increases. Some people may need to protect their private data to ensure that it does not get into the wrong hands online. The eBlocker 2 can do just that and more.

The new eBlocker 2 features a better and more effective means of protecting your online privacy. And it is easy to set up. Users only need to connect the device to the a LAN port of the home router and that is it. The eBlocker 2 then works its magic by protecting the identity of the user or users within the network by blocking data collectors and tracking ads from snooping retrieving user information. This device can also protect kids from accessing inappropriate content online.

The eBlocker 2  comes with its own 1.2GHz Quad Core processor and a 1GB DDR3 memory. The device makes use of the latest version of the eBlocker OS with an updated user interface, enhanced child protection features and well as mobile support. The device can effectively protect home network users from data trackers as well as malware and phishing scams. The eBlocker 2 comes with the eBlocker 2 Base, Pro, and Family models depending on the level of protection a user requires. The models are now available for $99, $149, and $169 for the Base, Pro, and Family versions, respectively.

Image Source:  eBlocker

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