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EasyFinderForgetfulness is one of the things that people seem to suffer from as they age. It may not be some kind of disease or condition that makes them forget. It is simply a product of aging. The more they tend to forget where they place things, the more it seems to affect them. Some will feel that they are getting worse at remembering things. Sometimes, all it takes is some help from new technology to help people avoid feeling sorry for themselves because of forgetfulness. When it comes to locating misplaced remote controls or battery-operated devices, the new EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery may be able to help.

The EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery is an innovative device that aims to combine two useful devices into one. First, it is a rechargeable battery that you can use to power your battery-operated devices. Second, it comes with a low-power Bluetooth transmitter that emits a distinct signal when paired with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or portable device. The EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery can be a means to locate misplaced battery-operated devices around the home such as the TV remote control, game controllers or any other battery-operated devices. Many of us know how easy it is to misplace them and difficult to locate. The EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery helps makes this easier and more convenient.

Using a free downloadable EasyFinder app, users can easily find battery-operated devices that use the EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery. Users simply open the app and click on the device using the EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery. The app will then provide a radar screen display that will enable users to hone in on the location of the misplaced device. It also works in the opposite way when users misplace their smartphone. People only need to press the logo on the EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery and it will activate a sounded alarm that will enable users to locate the lost or misplaced smartphone. Quite a simple and yet very useful idea, the EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery may be the answer for people who often misplace their remote control or other devices around the home. It works within a range of 70 feet, large enough an area for a typical home.

The EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery comes in a AAA battery size and comes with a AA converter sleeve. It is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. A pledge of $35 allows you to own an EasyFinder Bluetooth Battery plus charger. A pair goes for $50. Estimated availability of these unique batteries is expected to be sometime in November of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo


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