EA Launches Online Video Game Spore


Electronic Arts Inc., the makers behind the popular Spore game is finally coming up with an online version of the game. Designed by Will Wright, the video game is set to engage the online gaming world with overseeing the evolution and growth of their own designed creatures, from the smallest microscopic organisms to even entire planets and galaxies.

The release of the online video game is said to spur the comeback of the popular video game maker as it has recently suffered some setbacks while coming up with sequels for their other popular games such as Madden Football which hasn’t gone very well as expected.

The game was initially planned for release over a year ago. But the release date was postponed due to some polishing that needed to be done as well as trying to finalize other features such as its social networking. Spore has become the company’s biggest bet and the release comes with high expectations. The company hopes that it will turn around some of the several setbacks the company went through with its other video game titles.

Image Source: Spore.com

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