E-Money Band Makes Buying Small Goods in Japan a Bit More Hip

For a lot of people, carry coins around can be quite a hassle. Imagine jogging along the park with coins jingling and jangling in your pockets as you stride.

Here is a convenient way to carry your money around. A Japanese company called Hashy Top-In comes up with an “E-Money Band,” a silicon wristband equipped with an RFID reader in the middle where electronic money up to an equivalent of US$600 can be stored.

If you are out and about then happened to be thirsty, simply come to a convenience store, department store, or vending machine with a compatible reader installed and tap the wristband’s center piece on it.

The E-Money Band by Hashy Top-In supports the Edy, an electronic money system in which its readers are installed in thousands of shops all over Japan. Each wristband could cost you $36.

Source: CrunchGear

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