Dyson Hard Compact Vacuum Cleaner Introduced

Dyson Hard compact vaccum cleaner

Dyson Hard compact vaccum cleaner

Cleaning up around the home is a necessary but also a thankless task most of the time. But it is something that you need to do regularly. All that vacuuming and mopping floors takes quite a lot of time. If you can combine both tasks at the same time, then work will be quicker. That is why Dyson is introducing the Dyson Hard Compact Vacuum cleaner to do the job.

The new Dyson Hard Compact Vacuum Cleaner is the latest in Dyson’s line of powerful cordless vacuum cleaners. It is designed for hard floor cleaning, combining both vacuum and mop into a single device. Users can now do the cleaning and mopping up tasks all at the same time. It features the Dyson digital motor V2 to provide the needed vacuum power for sucking up dust and dirt on the floors. The Dyson Hard cordless vacuum also comes with a floating wipe plate that acts as a mop as you vacuum dirt on hard floors. With the Dyson wet wipe attached, it can wipe off the grime and grease on the floor as you vacuum along. You can now get rid of dust and grime in just a single action.

The new Dyson Hard features a rechargeable lithium ion battery to power the vacuum motor. The detachable long reach wand can provide cleaning at various height levels- from the lowest floors to the high ceilings. The new Dyson Hard Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is expected to be available sometime in September. The new vacuum-mop combo will go for US$330 once it comes out. The Dyson replacement wipes will cost US$7 a dozen. As an option, the Dyson Hard is also compatible with industry standard wipes used in other floor cleaners.

Image Source: Dyson

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