Dyson City DC26 Vacuum Cleaner Fits Small Homes Perfectly

Dyson City DC26 vacuum cleaner

Dyson has launched the City DC26 vacuum cleaner, the smallest in its line of home cleaners that targets studio apartment and other small area owners.  It is small enough to lift with one palm and small enough to fit an A4 sheet of paper.

The Dyson City DC26 was initially available in Japan, which became a runaway hit since most urban Japanese homes are small and cramp.  The manufacturer now offers the same studio-apartment vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom, where 2.3 million homes are smaller than 50 square meters.

The City DC26 was developed as an answer to a challenge initiated by James Dyson to his engineers to create a cylinder vacuum cleaner small enough to fit a paper measuring 210 x 297 millimeters.  The development took five years of compressing and rebuilding each single component, resulting to a machine three times smaller than its predecessor.

The Dyson City DC26 vacuum cleaner costs £249.99 (US$403).

Image source:  Dyson

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