Dyson Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner Is Zero-Maintenance

Dyson CineticVacuum cleaners always have this ongoing problem with regards to filters. Most vacuums are designed with suction motors that always have the risk of dust passing through them. The air filters help protect them from dust accumulation. But over time, these filters clog up and may affect the suction efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. It requires frequent cleaning to ensure that the filters are clear. Many people may find this task bothersome. Well, Dyson, the company that makes popular top of the line vacuum cleaners, has developed a vacuum cleaner that requires zero-maintenance in the new Dyson Cinetic vacuum cleaner.

The new Dyson Cinetic vacuum cleaner has done away with the air filter found in most vacuums. The engineers have made it so that the fine dust particles never have to go through the suction motor, making it a zero-maintenance machine. Users only need to empty the bin from the dust it vacuums. There is no filter to wash or change.

The new Dyson Cinetic also comes with different accessories to handle even the most challenging spots to clean. The cleaning end glides effortlessly as it cleans connected to a large ball that acts as its swivel to move around. For such a premium vacuum cleaner with distinct engineering features, the Dyson Cinetic may be far from the usual cheap vacuum model found in retail stores. This vacuum monster is priced at 600 UK Pounds or around $912. After all, it is a Dyson.

Image Source: Dyson

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