Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier

Once in a while, you might see some new gadget that catches your eye and attention. There are certain gadgets that just seem to make you try to know about it more. The Dyson Air Multiplier may be such a device.

What makes the Dyson Air Multiplier quite interesting is that it is considered to be the first bladeless electric fan around. True, there was no gadget of note that has been marketed as a bladeless fan until the arrival of the Dyson Air Multiplier. That is why it has easily captured the imagination of some consumers that warranted more of their attention.

At first glance, the design of the Dyson Air Multiplier truly shows that it doesn’t make use of any bladed part in order to create a blast of air typical of a conventional electric fan. But actually, the blade that creates it is creatively hidden inside the fan’s base.

The ring design then creates some sort of an air vortex to produce the breeze that seemingly comes out of nowhere. The Dyson Air Multiplier is truly quite an interesting gadget to have at home. It may easily become a conversational piece for those who haven’t seen anything like it. Its unique design may be the reason why its cheapest model comes at a steep price at around US$300. Too bad not a lot of people may be as interested with its price as with how it operates. It is available at the Dyson website for those who want to know more about it.

Image Source: Dyson

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