DX Self-Charging E-Bike

dx self-charging e-bike

Traveling around on a bike can be a very exciting adventure. Whether it is for work or leisure, biking can give you that exhilarating feeling as you pedal your way to your destination. Over the years, the common bike still looks the same, even though certain improvements have made it become an even more enjoyable ride. The DX Self-Charging E-Bike does that and even more. 

The DX Self-Charging E-Bike is one of those modern bikes that you can enjoy riding even on many challenging routes. That is because this bike offers pedal assistance, thanks to its built-in motor that provides riders with some additional power with its 9-speed level Assist mode. It also comes with a 7-speed Shimano gear selection for taking on different road levels. The bike makes use of a hydraulic disc braking system and with front and rear hydraulic suspension.  

The DX Self-Charging E-Bike also comes with a DX self-charging motor hub that converts all the kinetic energy you produce pedaling into electricity and recharge the built-in batteries for added power. This way, all that kinetic energy is not just wasted but recycled into usable energy for the bike. The bike is constructed out of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum that provides strength in a lighter body. The DX mountain bike is sturdy enough to carry up to 300 lbs. of weight. It also comes with a smart LCD display that provides important information about the bike to the rider such as the speed, battery level, and more. For added security, it comes with a battery lock system. It is designed with a folding system to make the bike convenient to store when not in use. The DX Self-Charging E-Bike is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for around $999. There is no official word on when it will be available on the market. 

Image Source: Indiegogo         

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