DuoFlip Laptop

Having a portable laptop has become quite common nowadays. And with many choices in the market today, it can be quite difficult to consider one from the other without closely looking what each one can offer. From performance to functions, a new laptop can stand out if it can offer something unique and added value that other current laptops fail to offer. In its unique way, this new DuoFlip Laptop may have just that. 

The DuoFlip laptop may look like any other conventional laptop at first glance. But it does offer something unique to the user. While convertible laptops are already available in the market, the DuoFlip may just be the only one to flip open sideways like a book. 

The DuoFlip Laptop comes with a revolutionary and first-of-its-kind hinge system that allows it to open like a traditional laptop and also flip open like a book with the display and keyboard side by side. This way, users can freely sketch or write on the 13.3-inch LCD touchscreen display similar to working with an oversized drawing pad. The concept for the DuoFlip Laptop was introduced by Compal Electronics and is an iF Design Award winner for this year. Although there are no specific specs still available for the DuoFlip laptop, it will certainly catch the attention of digital creators, from graphic designers and artists to casual writers and users.  

Image Source: Yanko Design 

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